The Brand

Godfrey & James grew up in Vancouver, Canada and lived and worked in New York, Shanghai, and Paris. Their globetrotting ventures inspired YOYUU as they saw an opportunity in the market for functional and versatile apparel for the modern men.


The three tenets of YOYUU are anchored in:

— A needs-based approach to design + innovation
— Relentless pursuit of the perfect fit + construction
—Uncompromised and highest standards of testing + production


We developed YOYUU because we wanted to wear clothing that worked with our own lifestyles. Whether that be cycling in the Vancouver rain or rushing from the cross-fit gym to a meeting at the office, YOYUU is made to perform in all urban conditions.


Our mission is to re-define everyday wear for the modern men. We achieved this by merging the versatility of performance-enhancing fabrics with high-end sportswear construction, and re-purposing these textile innovations into timeless, classic aesthetics. Our goal is to equip you with calmness and confidence, so you can tackle the challenges of the urban environment effortlessly.


YOYUU - 游刃有餘

An ancient Asian idiom meaning “the feeling of absolute calm and confidence when one is prepared to face any type of challenge.” 
“YO”, meaning to possess— and “YUU”, meaning in abundance. 
YOYUU refers to the balancing act where external excellence is expressed by a profound internal serenity and intuition.