How is the shipping cost calculated in each region?

The calculation of shipping fee is based on:

(1) Dimensional weight
(2) Actual shipping weight (in KG), whichever is heavier.

The formula of the volumetric (or dimensional) weight is shown as follows:
Product (with the packaging): Length x Width x Height (cm) ÷ 5000

Prices and shipping rates on the website are displayed in USD. The actual amount charged to your account is subject to the exchange rate of the day. It is recommended that you check with your credit card issuing bank regarding the exchange rate.

Do I need to pay additional taxes and duties?

(1) Each country may determine whether custom duties and taxes need to be collected as per the individual customs regulations.

- Example : US and Singapore - All customs and import duties for orders valued at up to US$800/SG$400 will be exempt from taxes and duties. You will only be responsible for any customs and import duties for orders over US$800/SG$400. (For other countries : please see

- Please note : If the recipient is not willing to accept the package and/or additional fees upon delivery, the related fees or losses from the disposal and return of packages should be borne by the individual who placed the order.

(2) YOYUU submits the customs declaration based on the actual value of the product.

Can I change the shipping address once order has been shipped?

Once your products are shipped, the mailing address and the recipient information cannot be changed. If the package is not successfully delivered to your original address, it will be returned to YOYUU, and a notification e-mail will be sent to you.