Ambleside Aer-360® Dress-Shirt (Tundra White)

An evolution of the classic button-down. Confidently constructed in our premium Aer-360ᴿ fabric for the ultimate experience of cooling and breathability – aerated perforations target heat-exchanging zones of the body, supplying an experience of consistent cool. 

Designed with versatility in mind, Ambleside sports a solid front panel, providing an extra layer of formality when paired with a suit jacket. 

We’ve added an extreme 360-Stretchᴿ and moisture management system to ensure the Aer-360ᴿ holds up anywhere, from the basketball court to the boardroom.


— Aer-360ᴿ Perforations
— 360-Stretchᴿ Fabric
— Diamond-Cutᴿ Construction
— 3M Scotchgard™ Moisture Wicking (Moisture Wicking + Quick-Dry Finish)
— Seamless Bonding Technology
— Wrinkle-Resistant

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