yo! Yuu Have Me

yo! Yuu hAve Me is a collection built on the foundation of love, friendship and family. An all encompassing range of products, moves fluidly in the overlaps between the worlds of discovery, cherishing and appreciation. Each silhouette non-gendered, reflecting the desire for true, borderless inclusivity. These forms do not retire but instead fold into the growing, universally-minded world of Yoyuu. For all occasions and all genders, we are here to remind you that you have us, just as we have you.

yo! Yuu hAve Me sees artwork from late co-founder, Godfrey Gao, his niece, Megan, and co-founder, James' nephew, Lucca, in a permanent form: a handwritten letter to Godfrey, adding a personal touch bringing warmth for all occasions and all genders. Reminding you that you have us, just as we have you.



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